Top 10 “do NOT’s” when hiring a wedding #DJ – A checklist for finding the best DJ for your event!

Happy 2018 friends! Good advice when hiring a DJ for your special events. Call or email if you have any questions on our service.
Covering all of Southern Arizona.

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“I never hired a DJ”

Often this is the case with many of our clients, and we are here to help YOU.

There are plenty of “how to hire a DJ” advice online everywhere, but we are going to make what we feel are the most important reasons NOT to hire just any DJ and choose the best DJ for your event. I condensed the most important points to save you time, but still get the most information.

  1. Do NOT hire a DJ based on price. You really get what you paid for in this industry.  The average price for a professional wedding DJ on 2010 is *$800.00 to $1000.00+ depending on who & what you include. ( Remember, 80% of the success of your wedding or special event is on the ENTERTAINMENT! It seems that the DJ service is often the last service chosen, and this often…

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