Top 10 “do NOT’s” when hiring a wedding #DJ – A checklist for finding the best DJ for your event!

“I never hired a DJ”

Often this is the case with many of our clients, and we are here to help YOU.

There are plenty of “how to hire a DJ” advice online everywhere, but we are going to make what we feel are the most important reasons NOT to hire just any DJ and choose the best DJ for your event. I condensed the most important points to save you time, but still get the most information.

  1. Do NOT hire a DJ based on price. You really get what you paid for in this industry.  The average price for a professional wedding DJ on 2010 is *$800.00 to $1000.00+ depending on who & what you include. ( Remember, 80% of the success of your wedding or special event is on the ENTERTAINMENT! It seems that the DJ service is often the last service chosen, and this often backfires when holding out for the lowest price.
  2. Do NOT wait to hire a DJ at the last-minute. Most popular & professional DJ’s are booked months, even years in advance. There is a reason why……..because they are in high demand. You will also be able to: Guarantee your date, more time to budget, more time to plan, and have more time to select the right DJ for your event.
  3. Do NOT hire a DJ for your special event that cannot provide you with proof of liability insurance. A professional DJ carries at least 1M of liability insurance, and can provide proof on demand. In fact, most banquet facilities and major hotels require proof of insurance from professional mobile DJs. No insurance, no DJ.
  4. Do NOT hire a DJ without a written contract. Don’t ever hire a DJ over a phone conversation or a verbal agreement. Ask for a written contract, especially if you are paying a deposit or retainer fee to book the DJ services. Read the contract carefully and make sure that everything is correct and you know exactly what the services you have just contracted.
  5. Do NOT hire a DJ without meeting with them first. Make an appointment to meet via e-mail or phone call. If a phone call or e-mail is not returned within a reasonable time………look somewhere else. A professional will return a call or e-mail within one business day. Once the call or e-mail is returned or made, set a meeting either at their place of business, your location, or somewhere mutual. (long distance? make sure you go through all the other 9 steps before signing anything)
  6. Do NOT assume the DJ you spoke with and meet with is going to be the same person that shows up to your event. Ask, plus this allows  you to get a feel for their personalities.
  7. Do NOT hire a DJ that does not have a professional music library. Professionals use original CD’s or MP3s and not illegally downloaded music or copied library’s. A versatile Disc Jockey is willing to listen to your suggestions, give you feedback and play from YOUR desired song list. The key is to find a DJ with a large selection of music.
  8. Do NOT hire a DJ that does not use professional equipment. Ask whether you’re prospective DJ works with professional audio equipment. If you are not sure, ask for their equipment list and check with a local music dealer or do a little research. Also, ask if the DJ has back-up equipment.
  9. Do NOT hire a DJ without EXPERIENCE. You should always opt for the DJ with experience in performing weddings, quinceañeras, or special events. An experienced DJ will be familiar with how a reception or event will proceed, knowledge of music, traditions, and will have references.
  10. Do NOT hire a DJ that is not willing to LISTEN to your needs. Most importantly, a professional will always be willing to listen to your ideas, your vision, musical tastes and preferences, and what you are planning.

Thanks from Five Star Productions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to add a comment or contact us via e-mail.


11 thoughts on “Top 10 “do NOT’s” when hiring a wedding #DJ – A checklist for finding the best DJ for your event!

  1. Well that just narrowed it down to about 10% 🙂 To narrow it down further..
    Do Not hire a DJ unless he’s had some form a formal professional training & education. Nicely done DJ 5 Star.

  2. I would think about re-wording the title of that post. ( at first glance it looks like a blog telling the reader NOT to hire a DJ. )
    Just a minor critique, otherwise a good & informative piece. ( After all the dopey wedding advice blogs I”ve read lately telling clients to use an ipod instead of a DJ to work their party, I’m getting a little jaded!! lol )

  3. thanks, I see your point, but after a person reads the post it’s targeted toward wedding advice. Any suggestions?

  4. Reblogged this on fivestarweddings arizona and commented:

    Happy 2018 friends! Good advice when hiring a DJ for your special events. Call or email if you have any questions on our service.
    Covering all of Southern Arizona.

  5. My cousin is getting married later this year but is still having a hard time finding a wedding DJ. I like your point about getting a written contract and a retainer fee first. This sounds like a good way to ensure the DJ is committed to the event.

  6. Yes! always get a written contract. Just curious, why is your cousin having such a hard time finding a wedding DJ? Thanks ~ Pete

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